Mr. Gregory R. Bobbs. Paralegal

Mr. Gregory R. Bobbs. Paralegal




Mr. Gregory R. Bobbs. Paralegal

Mr. Bobbs joined The Law Office of Shannan S. Collier, P.C. in 2019 as a paralegal, working primarily on our commercial litigation matters.

Since the mid 1970’s Mr. Bobbs has honed his skills in drafting, summarizing, and editing construction contracts and focused upon AIA contracts. During this time he also gained experience in corporate governance in small, closely held corporations. He owned stock in a number of small companies which allowed him to learn and expand his management skills.

In the 1980’s, Mr. Bobbs managed construction projects, taking them out of jeopardy and through to profitable conclusion.  Mr. Bobbs has extensively studied Mortgage and Asset Backed Securities Litigation, researching statutes, SEC filings, and case laws on asset secured mortgages.  For the nine years, he reviewed and explained related documents to foreclosure defense attorneys, including loan documents, mortgage bundling and sales contracts, assignments, allonges, land trusts, blank endorsed documents, dry trusts, and interaction and powers documents among loan holders, trusts, mortgage servicers, mortgage guarantors, and mortgage originators.

Mr. Bobbs graduated high school from Georgia-Cumberland Academy, Calhoun Georgia, in 1967.  He is a United States Army Veteran, discharged in 1971. In 2010 Mr. Bobbs decided that it was time to experience college and was accepted at The University of North Georgia at age 61, where he has earned an Associate’s of Arts and Science in Paralegal Studies, a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science in Paralegal Studies/Technology, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science/Pre-Law. He is currently completing a Masters of Administration in International Affairs. Mr. Bobbs is a member of The Golden Key International Honor Society.

Mr. Bobbs is also a Master Carpenter and was the millwork carpenter on a 2001 Street of Dreams Home in Harbor Point Yacht Club. In his spare time, Mr. Bobbs enjoys building, riding motorcycles, and spending plenty of time with his two dogs, Kylie and Kala.